VitrA has brought a sleek, modern design to this hi-tech sector of the market with V-Care, a multi-function hands-free WC that offers impressive features. Designed by German studio NOA, V-Care can be integrated into stunning contemporary bathrooms without looking out of place.

VitrA’s V-Care Comfort model wall hung WC features a sensor that opens the lid as the user approaches, adjustable washing and drying functions, a heated seat and more.  The integrated shower function puts an end to the need for toilet paper (an environmental benefit) and can be activated at the touch of a button on the remote control which is intuitive and very easy to use. The remote can also be used to control the temperature of the ergonomic heated seat. Basic functions of the WC can be controlled via touch buttons on the right and left sides of the pan. V-Care pans feature VitrA’s Rim-Ex construction which means there is no rim around the inside of the pan for germs and limescale to lurk and making it easy to clean.

V-Care is the perfect product for a multi-generational bathroom where elderly or infirm people may otherwise need the help of a carer to use the WC.

Both the entry point Essential Model and the feature-packed Comfort offer air purification which is automatically activated. “When you feel fresh and clean, it gives you the confidence to take on the demands of the day, V-Care is far more than just a gadget,” comments Margaret Talbot, marketing manager for VitrA. “It offers everyone benefits that improve the quality of life.”

V-Care from VitrA is easy to install using a VitrA in wall frame system.

Caption:  VitrA wall-hung V-Care Comfort WC including toilet seat soft close £2059, VitrA M-Line furniture and Select flush plate with glass back £150.