Veggie Dog is 99.99% Vegan ideal for #Veganuary

Veggie Dog from Green Petfood is the ideal dog food for those seeking to reduce their carbon footprint whilst providing a balanced healthy diet for their dog.  99.99% vegan, Veggie Dog contains 0.01% vitamin D3 from wool fat, making it ideal for anyone wanting to try #veganuary or caring for the few dogs that are allergic to animal protein.

There are two 99.99% Vegan recipes in the range; Veggie Dog Light and Veggie Dog – Grain Free (pictured left) both are complete foods whichoffer adult dogs a healthy, environmentally sustainable alternative to food produced using animal-based raw materials. Produced without soy, the Veggie Dog Grain Free formula is baked with potato and peas as a natural source of amino acids.  The ingredients are carefully selected and combined in a way that respects natural resources yet guarantees that the dog receives all the important nutrients from herbs, fruits and algae. RRP £11.99 for 2kg bag Grain Free and £8.99 for Light.

About Green Petfood is the ultimate in sustainable dog food brand with ground-breaking products in the range like InsectDog which is not only genuinely hypoallergenic; it is also much more sustainable as insect protein generates much less carbon than traditional meat protein sources.  Green Petfood VeggieDog is produced without soy which is banned from all recipes due to its poor carbon credentials and as a common allergy trigger, but best of all it is 99.99% vegan making it an ideal choice for consumers looking for nutritional and eco credentials combined.