Thanks to a design that plays with volumes, asymmetry, and open spaces. Junit, from luxury German bathroom specialists burgbad is the perfect choice for stunning open-plan layouts.

The Range:  The ranges centres around a vanity in three sizes – (width: 765, 900 or 1200mm, depth: 500mm, height: 530mm with either a rectangular ceramic basin or a round sit-on basin made of mineral cast, as well as mirror cabinets in four sizes (width: 500, 700, 900 or 1200mm, depth: 210mm, height: 675mm), an illuminated mirror (width: 500mm, height: 1225mm), three tall cabinet variants and a mid-height cabinet (width: 350mm, depth: 320mm, height: 1760 or 960mm) with various interior fittings and a wall shelf that can be positioned as required (width: 500mm, depth and height: 150mm).


Design: The vanity has a slender metal frame made of black anodised aluminium combined with what looks like a perfectly fitting drawer but is, in fact, a slightly smaller cabinet that does not fill the entire width of the frame, leaving space for storage on the sides. The lines of the frame are accentuated by integrated spotlights. The frame also doubles as a towel holder or rail. The sit-on basins leave plenty of free space at the sides for toiletries.  The ceramic basin, which features a thin-walled rim all the way around and is 530mm wide, combines a cubic exterior silhouette with a soft interior shape, while the spherical mineral cast basin (diameter: 360mm) tilts towards the user and is glossy at the top, matt at the bottom.

The mirror cabinets in the Junit collection are made to burgbad’s usual high standard, with horizontal, energy-saving LED lighting along the top, optional LED basin lighting, double-sided mirror doors, a carcass with mirrored outside walls and a charcoal-grey interior with glass shelves.  The illuminated mirror is sized to match the width of the ceramic washbasin.

The matt white countertop of the vanity is made of a high-tech material that combines new thermoplastic resins and nanotechnology to create a “self-healing” finish it is also resistant to scuffing, scratches and cleaning agents.

Various finishes are available for the Junit cabinet fronts (acrylic fronts in white and grey high gloss, wood-effect melamine fronts in Cashmere Oak, Flanelle Oak and Marone Truffle), allowing designers to create a variety of looks ranging from minimalist to cosy.

The cubic wall ledge is another particularly attractive element of the Junit collection and can be positioned as needed to bring an airy feel to the bathroom design. The slender metal-framed ledge fits into any corner, and when combined with the illuminated mirror, doubles as an understated dressing table.


The open frame design makes Junit the ideal choice for a small bathroom or shower room.  RRP £1242m

The vanity can be used with a choice of basins. This is the spherical mineral cast basins that tilts towards the user.  RRP £1435