Passionate About Pet Food Ltd (PAPF) has reported a great start following last month’s PATS launch for Josera one of Germany’s leading pet foods, and Green Petfood, innovators in insect and vegetarian dog food.

Simon Freear, managing director for PAPF said “Visitors to the stand were so positive about the look, nutritional content and price point of both the ranges.  Visitor numbers were less than we had been told to expect, but the enthusiasm of retailers, breeders and groomers more than made up for it.”

Josera manufactures superior quality, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible foods for pets; cats, dogs and horses as well as agricultural feeds for farm animals.  The brand holds internationally recognised awards and certifications of highest regard for ingredients, manufacturing ethos, environmental concern and best practice.  Facts that have contributed to its success in its home market of Germany, alongside Spain, Italy and France and over 50 countries worldwide.  Green Petfood is the ultimate is sustainable dog food with ground-breaking products in the range like InsectDog.  Two billion people in the world eat insects as a valuable and a supremely ecological source of protein.  Green Petfood offers a range of insect-protein formulations to meet hypoallergenic requirements and vegetarian recipes that deliver complete nutrition for dogs.

Simon Freear, explains “We are delighted to be the sole UK distributor for the Josera and Green Petfood portfolios.  Josera and Green Petfood manufacture in their own factories – so have complete control over sourcing ingredients, supply and production, recipe development and final product.  The range of recipes for all pets at different life stages is compelling.”

Caption:  Josera promotion for Large Breeds. Green Dogfood – Insect Dog which is produced using insect protein as an alternative to traditional meat proteins.  PAPF stand set up and ready to go at PATS.

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