Grubby Train WC
With summer fast approaching and the promise of warmer weather, TBM Rail Group, has announced details of its 7 day turnaround WC tank cleaning service.
“Tanks are out of sight and out of mind until the smell starts!” says Andrew Hawker, Managing Director, of TBM Rail which specialises in providing all facets of rail passenger-comfort service to the rail industry.
“Spring is the perfect time to get the tanks that hold waste from washrooms and catering facilities, emptied, thoroughly cleaned and re-commissioned. It’s easy to see when a WC needs a refit or a good clean but tanks can be overlooked leading to dreadful smells and out-of-service lavatories.” Out of service WCs are one key area of passenger dissatisfaction and cleaning tanks helps to keep out-of-service problems to a minimum.
The tanks that hold train waste should be descaled and cleaned thoroughly every three years to avoid sedimentation and the hampering build-up of lime scale. The warmer weather of summer increases the temperature in the holding tanks which creates a perfect environment for the production of a complex mixture of non-toxic and toxic gases produced by the decomposition of organic matter and cleaning materials. Gases may include hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, methane, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides – most of which smell horrible at the very least. “By ensuring the tanks are spotless there is nowhere for debris or sediment to cling, this reduces the instances of smells, blockages and WC failure.”
TBM Rail Group offers a full overhaul service for tanks on all types of rolling stock including all materials, labour and expertise required to remove tanks and reinstall them.
Caption: It’s easy to see when a WC needs attention but tanks that hold waste need attention at least every three years to avoid horrendous smells and WC problems for passengers.
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