Passionate About Pet Food Limited, sole importers to the UK of one of Germany’s leading dog food brand Josera, has launched Loopies a healthy low-calorie training snack for dogs.

Consumers love to give their dogs a tasty treat – but too many goodies can cause weight gain and health problems. New from Josera, Loopies are the perfect snack for owners concerned about diet and nutrition as they are also below 9kcal per Loopie so you can measure your dog’s energy intake to prevent obesity. Grain-free and meaty, Loopies are available in Beef, Lamb and Poultry flavours and contain 30 per cent dried meat protein.  The poultry variety is made with sweet potato. The treats have less than 9 per cent fat so are also ideal for dogs suffering from Pancreatitis.  They contain visible chunks of fruit and vegetables and are totally free from artificial colours and flavourings as with all Josera foods.  They are easily divisible so great for rewarding your dog during training.

Loopies are available in handy 150g bags which can either be contained in a countertop display tray (as pictured) that holds 11 packs or hung on a hook strip as each packet has a hanging tag. They have a 12-month shelf life and retail for £2.49 per bag.

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