The new brochure for Bushboard’s Omega worktop range is packed with new products and clever ideas. With a collection designed around the latest on-trend colour palettes, smart looks and innovative thinking, this range takes laminate to a new level.

Bushboard was one of the first worktop specialists to introduce texture and a new realism to laminate. The new brochure features the company’s latest development in this field with striking new end grain edge detail on five woodgrain designs. The beauty of a woodgrain surface is its character and each individual species has its own unique features. These distinctive markings have been cleverly recreated and combined with true-to-life texture overlays and a brand new realistic end-grain detail to deliver a laminate surface that has all the richness and depth of real wood without any on-going maintenance. Key designs that offer this new feature are Graphite Oak, Stamford Oak, Tobacco Oak, Quebec Oak and Natural Blocked Oak.

The brochure is designed to be both easy to follow and informative. It is packed with inspiring design ideas complete with details of the products used to achieve the look. There are also details on splashbacks, upstands, textures and components such as pre cut breakfast bars that make design and installation easier.

“This new brochure shows the fantastic depth of our Omega range,” says Neil Horton Commerical Directgor UK and Europe “The choice of textures, colours and finishes makes it possible to create a very high end look at a sensible price. Not every consumer can stretch the budget to the more expensive worktop choices – but Omega shows that price does not mean a compromise on style.”

Download Bushboard Omega Brochure here:
Bushboard Omega Brochure

Caption: Top: New Omega brochure from Bushboard.
Bottom: Striking Stamford Oak recreated in Bushboard Omega laminate with new end grain edge detail.

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