New for 2020, Josera launches a brand-new hypoallergenic recipe for adult/senior dogs, perfect for canines with sensitive tummies.

Leading German brand, Josera, which also offers premium Cat and Horse food, will be exhibiting their dog food range at this year’s PATS Sandown.

Produced in Germany in its carbon neutral factory, Josera manufactures its products with the highest quality standards while being ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable. With all ingredients earning Germany’s prestigious DLG product certification, consumers are assured of quality and sustainability.

About Josera’s Hypoallergenic feed:

A grain-free recipe, Josera’s hypoallergenic formulation contains limited ingredients designed to alleviate intolerances. The recipe features insect protein as the single meat protein, an ingredient to which dogs have not been exposed, thus avoiding allergic reactions. Gentle on digestion, insects are a brilliant source of high-quality protein and contain valuable fatty acids making them the perfect alternative for dogs with allergies triggered by traditional meat proteins. For the environmentally-conscious dog owner, insect farming is also highly sustainable when compared with traditional livestock protein, using less land, less water and generating far less carbon in the manufacturing process. With a moderate fat and protein content, it is a premium, nutritional feed for adult/senior dogs, with a small carbon pawprint fitting perfectly to Josera’s carbon-neutral goal in 2020.

Sizes and Packaging:

Exclusive to bricks & mortar stores and available in 15kg bags (with aroma-safe zip close) and 4.5kg convenience packs (of 5 x 0.9kg bags).

Josera Dog Food will also be available to buy from Pet Footprint:

Caption: Josera Hypoallergenic Dog Food, (RRP £89.99 for 15kg, £34.99 for convenience pack)