Bradley Wiggins and Andy Murray are advocates of an ice-bath after hard training, races and matches.  Mirroring this, running and cycling, tennis and football are some of the UK’s favourite pasImagetimes.  So, will these sporty consumers be hunting down a bath with multi-purposes in mind?  

Sporty or not, bath-buying is about comfort and me-time.  Stunning baths are being installed in bedrooms, dressing rooms, and for those lucky enough, even in the gym.  The Nebbia bath by Clearwater Baths, just one of new range of over 30, has been moulded around a human body and provides support in all the right places – no need to prop the body up with the feet at the far end.

Natural stone baths from Clearwater Baths are made from stone so do not need a ledge around the bath.  This means the internal space is deeper and wider than that of traditional acrylic or steel bath.  It is actually possible to fit a 160 x 80cm Clearwater Stone bath into a 170 x70 acrylic bath.   There is no need for feet on a stone bath either.   On the Nebbia (pictured above), the bath sits squarely on the floor so water can be up to 12cms deeper than normal.  Natural stone is also easy to keep clean and maintain.  So whether it’s time for an ice –bath or hot water and bubbles, a Clearwater Baths natural stone bath is a bath for all reasons.  Nebbia shown £3290 inc VAT

Darren Allison, managing director for Clearwater Baths says “The Nebbia bath is just one in a huge collection designed to meet every conceivable consumer demand.  Statement, multi-purpose baths with room for one or two or even three, are trending amongst all consumer groups.”

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