The fastest wash & dry from new A rated washer dryer. Amica, one of Europe’s fastest growing freestanding and built-in appliance manufacturer, has launched a new washer dryer. Designed to make life easier for families, Amica’s AWDS914DJ washer dryer will wash a hefty 9kg load and dry 6kg. The machine has a top spin speed of 1400 rpm (variable) and a choice of wash temperatures starting at just 20°c which is perfect for the new low temperature detergents. The Amica AWDSAmica new washer dryer914DJ provides a choice of 15 programmes including settings for cotton, delicate and synthetic items and a number of thoughtful special features such as an anti-allergic rinse which removes all traces of detergent to protect people with skin problems. Easy iron minimises creasing and there is a pre-wash setting for heavily soiled clothes. The 29 min. /60 min. Wash & Dry programme, is the shortest on the market, will be appreciated by any Mum or Dad who has faced grubby sports kit or school clothes needed in a hurry.  One of the problems of low temperature washing is that the inside of the machine can develop unpleasant odours – making Amica’s drum-cleaner setting especially useful. The dryer has a choice of settings including iron dry and cupboard dry. The machine is eco-friendly too with an A energy rating, an A wash rating and B for spin. Water use to wash a full 9kg load is 112 litres. The blue touch sensor LCD display makes it easy to follow the progress of the wash and the controls are easy to use. A child lock and overflow protection add to its family appeal. Operating noise when washing is 58dBa with 77dBa in the spin cycle. All Amica products carry a two year guarantee including in the price.  The new AWDS914DJ washer dryer is available from independent electrical retailers nationwide from £499 inc VAT. 01425 461600