Sanitaryware Supplies Company Ltd Launches Grate Seal ®

Bad odours and the possibility of an easy way in for vermin such as rats and mice are familiar drain problems faced by facilities managers and caretakers in commercial environments such as kitchens, care homes, hospitals, hotels, laundry rooms, spas and more. Grate Seal® by Gentec is a fast and easy solution to the problem. Developed in Australia and exclusively available in the UK through The Sanitaryware Supplies Company, Grate Seal®is a durable self-fitting seal, available in a choice of sizes. It is the perfect problem solver for all applications as it can be retrofitted to an existing drain without damage to the surrounding floor.

The products in the Grate Seal®range are made from a single piece of rubber (standard is Neoprene) which can be inserted into any new or existing drain. Since the seals are made from rubber, they use friction to sit in the drain meaning there is no need for a fixing kit. Grate Seal® can be removed as required without affecting flooring. Grate Seal® is a safer and more hygienic solution than other seals on the market as its rubber composition includes a silver-based bactericide which reduces the growth of bacteria, mould and biofilm. Its elasticity also means that it’ll also close when the fire collar is activated.


The Grate Seal® ranges comes in several sizes: 50mm, 100mm/80mm, Stubby 100mm, Bucket Trap and Bucket Trap Basket providing a solution for virtually every internal grate. They have been used with great success in several UK locations including a large school with a persistent drain odour problem, in the public changing rooms at the Blackpool Water Park and by food companies.

“We are confident that Grate Seal® can deal effectively with problem drainage issues, “says Sanitaryware Supplies Company MD Andy Dukelow. “Possible applications include laundry rooms, shower rooms in commercial, medical and care environments, floor wastes in commercial kitchens and laundries and many different industrial applications. We are happy to advise customers on choosing the right product to deal with their problem. “

Caption:  GS50 Grate Seal, available in black neoprene rubber.  Fire-resistant 240/240 only requires general cleaning.