Amica has announced changes and improvements to three of its popular everyday washing machines. Priced to appeal to the family market all three machines feature drum clean, a programme that keeps the drum smelling fresh and clean. Modern low-temperature detergents are designed to work at between 30-40Oc –  not hot enough to prevent a build-up of grime from the washing water on the inside of the drum. Eventually, the drum will develop an unpleasant odour. Running drum clean once a week will prevent this – and means there is no need to buy expensive cleaning and deodorising products.

The WME610 replaces the WMA610. It is A++ rated, 6kg capacity, 1000 spin speed and has 23 programmes.

The WME612 replaces the WMA612. It has a 6kg capacity, is A++ rated and has 23 programmes including express wash, cotton and eco wash.

The WME712 (PICTURED) replaces the WMA 712. If is A++ rated, 7kg capacity, 1200 rpm variable spin speed and has 23 programmes including quick wash and delicates.


All three machines have a child lock.  “These machines are designed to be easy to use and economical to run,” commented Marketing Manager Steve Corbett. “Drum clean tackles a problem that many consumers have noticed, keeping the machine clean and fresh without the addition of another cleaning product. The machines will be priced to appeal to those looking for value and features at a competitive price.”
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