TBM Rail, Crewe, the passenger-comfort experts that specialise in rail carriage washrooms, interior refurbishment and cleaning has announced details of a no-hassle overnight cleaning service for train seat covers.
Neil Smith, Director of TBM Rail explains “Trains receive overnight exams so it’s the ideal time for us to send a cleaning team in, remove the dirty covers, fit a float set of covers dry-clean each one and rotate them to fit the next train.”

To facilitate the new service the company has invested in a state of the art Renzacci dry cleaning machine. Located at the company’s headquarters in Crewe, TBM is able to phentermine provide a seat-cover cleaning service that guarantees to remove general soiling of food stuffs, eradicates microorganisms like viruses and bacteria and eliminates unpleasant odours.

Neil Smith “Operators should be looking to clean their seat covers at least every six months. We’ve all seen people eating, drinking, putting their feet on seats etc. train seat covers are a haven for germs, our service is an easy, cost effective one-stop-solution to ensuring highest standards of comfort and cleanliness.”

To find out just how unacceptable some seat covers on trains are, TBM Rail is inviting twitter followers to send them photographs of the worst seats they see. The worst offender will be offered a clean-for-free.

Caption: A spotless Carriage photo courtesy of Arriva Train Care.

For full details of the products and services available from TBM Rail visit www.tbmrail.com
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