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working from homeMedia and Public Relations refers to a whole range of services all of which are intended to raise awareness of your business.  At DRA, we pride ourselves on offering a vast selection of services to our clients.

Therefore, understanding what you do is paramount for developing the right campaign(s) and client services to help you move forward. Whether you’re hoping to promote a new product, or simply boost the profile of an existing one, we have the ways and means of doing it.  Anything from a simple press release to large-scale launch events, at DRA you’ll always be spoilt for choice.

Handling of Media Requests and Enquiries

We can handle your media enquiries. By letting us do this, you will never have to feel flustered about speaking to the press again. After all, it is essential to make the right impression on media contacts and failure to do so can have a negative impact on your business.

The media frequently contacts companies like yours to help them with articles and features. They may get in touch to request more information on your products or even ask you for photography and news. If a major news story related to your industry arises, they may contact you to ask for a quote or comment from a company spokesperson.

Dealing with the press can be a time-consuming process. Journalists may want to speak to you at length about your product or service and they often require very specific pieces of information. If you simply don’t have time to worry about providing the press with this kind of knowledge, our media handling service is perfect for you.

In order to minimise stress and ensure your business is always presented in the best possible light, it is in the greatest interests of your company to engage a PR professional to handle media requests on your behalf. Their extensive experience of dealing with journalists and the media will ensure you are not exploited by the press and safeguard your reputation.

Lifestyle Photo Shoots

The best way to exhibit your product or service is through photography. Great photographs do not only allow your customers to see your wares, but they also look good in the press. Indeed, good photography can also increase your chances of being featured in the press, as most journalists and media contacts are more likely to run a story if it is accompanied by eye-catching photos.

If you’re keen to use photography to promote your product, we can organise a photo shoot for you. We provide a truly hassle-free, lifestyle photography service, which is project managed every step of the way.

We can find and arrange for a photographer, carefully selecting a suitable candidate with a superb portfolio and plenty of experience. We then use your brief to seek a suitable location, whether in a studio or a more exotic setting. When the photographs have been taken and you are happy with them, we can distribute them on your behalf.

Our distribution service will ensure that a supply of pictures are sent to targeted media contacts in the appropriate file format. We aim to do this within 24 hours of the event, which maximises the potential for publication.

Compilation of Press Packs

Whether you want to attract press attention at a trade show or exhibition, or you simply want a dramatic way to launch a new product range, producing a comprehensive press pack is the ideal way to do it.

A press pack is packed with information about your company, product or service. Our team of experienced copywriters can plan, research and write the content on your behalf, making the entire process refreshingly hassle-free. If you would like your pack to be illustrated with original photography, we can arrange for a high-quality, lifestyle photo shoot. We are even able to design and develop your press pack folder for a highly professional and eye-catching finish.

A press pack tends to include both press and preview releases, which inform the media of the latest news from your company, as well as providing information on product launches and forthcoming events. Producing these is a great idea, as it allows you to inform journalists of your future plans in advance.

A typical press pack will feature plenty of copy, usually in the form of biographies and case studies. While you certainly don’t want your media contacts to drown in information, giving them plenty of material is important. One of the main advantages of doing this is that they can produce a quick story without even asking for an interview. On a week with relatively little news, this means that they may be able to craft a swift ‘filler’ article on an aspect of your product or service that may not ordinarily be featured.

Ultimately, a press pack will not only provide journalists with plenty of information, it will also signify that your company is serious about building great relationships with the media.

Press Release and Copywriting

If you are launching a new product, attending an important trade show or wanting to bring some other news to the attention of the media, it is essential to write a press release.

A press release features invaluable information about your product or service. It allows you to tell journalists about your company, the new product or service you have on offer and why they should write about it.

Most journalists will receive an endless stream of press releases every day, so it is essential that your release stands out. Highly experienced, we know how to write attention-grabbing press releases that journalists will love. We always incorporate quotes into our press releases, as they add credibility and weight to any argument. We also use plenty of persuasive language and quotable prose, as quite often chunks of your press release will be used in the article itself.

Delivering your press release to the media is as important as writing it. Our extensive industry knowledge and great relationships with many journalists and trade titles mean that we are able to specifically target key contacts. By doing this, we can offer you a much higher possibility of publication.

Our writing skills are certainly not limited to press releases and we happily offer a copywriting service. Whether you need help writing a website, case studies, newsletters, important correspondence or even speeches, we would love to be of assistance. If you would like to discuss a copywriting commission, please contact us.

Launch Events

If you are launching a new product or service and want to do so in a spectacular way, why not hold a launch event? At DRA Public Relations, we are event management specialists and can work with your business to create a mind-blowing function.

Working closely alongside you, we will discuss the specifications of your event before deciding on a concept and theme. We are able to provide advice on any kind of function from a standard launch to a more extravagant event.

Our extensive event management experience makes us more than qualified to offer launch party advice. We have many innovative venue suggestions and are able to organise first-class catering to accommodate any theme.

We can organise every aspect of your event, from major issues such as entertainment and seating plans to little things like invitations, free samples and promotional information. We can also manage the guest list and ensure that invitations are sent out to key media contacts, generating plenty of press coverage and boosting the reputation of your business.

Journalist Visits and Press Trips

If you are keen for journalists and broadcasters to get a real taste of your business, we can organise a press trip to your office, client base or factory site.

A press trip provides a mutually beneficial opportunity for you to build meaningful relationships with media contacts, as well as offering them an insight into your business. Allowing journalists the opportunity to experience a ‘day in the life’ of your company often encourages them to produce insightful and informative press articles about your firm.

Needless to say, we can handpick appropriate journalists from local press and trade titles to invite to your press day. We can also structure a programme of events with question and answer sessions, interviews and photo opportunities, which will ensure the press have an exciting and interesting day,

You should not feel anxious about coping with the press alone, our able representatives will be on hand to look after the media, field questions and offer you advice.

Media Buying

Are you keen to advertise your product and service? If so, we can provide an analysis of media, clearly showing the most effective way to reach your target audience.

Once we’ve provided this useful service, we can also help you develop the theme and concept of your advert, ensuring it stays true to your brand and makes the most of current PR opportunities. Although we don’t have the facilities to produce your advert in-house, we will happily take our ideas to a production company. We’ll brief the company and ensure they have all the information necessary to produce a first-class advert.

We’ll then book advertising space on your behalf, negotiating a competitive price, a great location and an insertion date that meets your requirements.

Media Monitoring

At DRA, we can offer a comprehensive media monitoring service. This enables us to keep an eye on your competitor’s media activity, allowing you to remain one step ahead. It also means that we can closely monitor the latest hot stories in your industry, making it possible for us to spot potential media opportunities for your company, product or service. We can even monitor your own media  activity, which means we can gauge your popularity with certain titles and assess what kind of media story these titles like you to feature in most.

By assessing media activity, we are able to see what kind of stories are currently being published, in which titles they appear and how they were picked up. By gaining a good insight into this kind of information, we are able to tailor our media strategies accordingly, which guarantees you the best possible chance of exposure.

We are also able to offer a media monitoring distribution service, allowing you to retain cuttings of your own media stories and those of your competitors for future reference.

Special Projects and Ad-hoc Campaigns

At DRA Public Relations, we are keen to help our valued clients in the best possible way. Whatever your requirements, we are happy to use our vast industry experience and extensive PR knowledge to help fulfil them for you.

If you have an an ad hoc campaign in mind, we would love to discuss it with you. We are able to devise concepts and strategies for any campaign, priding ourselves on our innovative ideas and high-quality research. When we are sure that you are happy with our ideas, we will move forward and implement the campaign on your behalf.

On implementation, you will receive the best possible support from our dedicated account teams, who can project manage your campaign from start to finish. If required, we can even perform a project evaluation at the end of your project, which will succeed in assessing the campaign and providing valuable feedback for future projects.

Crisis Management

In any business, a PR crisis is sometimes unavoidable.

A PR crisis could occur for a number of reasons; a disgruntled employee, a faulty batch of components, a badly behaved executive, the need to make redundancies, product failure or you may even find a critic making unflattering remarks about your company, product or service. Whatever the problem, we can provide highly trained professionals to identify and diffuse issues in potential crisis areas.

Working closely with your company, we will develop and implement strategies to deal with problems and boost the reputation of your business. By doing this, we can turn around potentially damaging situations and avoid them reoccurring in the future.

Ultimately, our crisis management service will successfully safeguard the reputation of your business.

Coverage Evaluation

Not only are we able to execute innovative and effective PR campaigns, we can also provide an in-depth evaluation of press coverage after the campaign has ended.

After analysing your media coverage, we will be able to present you with a comprehensive range of information that will prove invaluable to you and your business. This research will allow you to compare your press coverage with that of your closest competitors, identifying possible avenues to expand into and areas for improvement. You will also be able to compare the press coverage received to your sales figures, which will allow you to see how customers responded to your recent burst of press activity. You will even be able to compare the success rate of your most recent campaign with previous ones, which will act as a guide for future PR activities.

Ultimately, the information produced from a PR evaluation will prove to be a useful tool in any of your future PR activities. You should treat this service as an investment, as finding out what appeals to your clients and journalists will undoubtedly make future campaigns more cost-effective.