9th -11th October 2018 NEC, Birmingham. Bushboard has announced that it will exhibit at this year’s Surface Materials Show, part of UK Construction Week.

Bushboard the UK’s leading producer of laminate worksurfaces and bathroom panels is exhibiting at the next Surface Materials Show.   Stand M530.

Neil Horton, category leader for the UK and Europe, explains  “This was a great show for us in 2017 as it put us in touch with many new designers and architectural contacts to showcase our line up of British-made surface innovations.”

On the stand Bushboard will be showcasing tile alternative, Nuance bathroom panels, as well as highlights from the company’s new Omega and Options worksurface collections and exciting, new solid core range Evolve.


Nuance panels are manufactured using a core that is 100 per cent impervious to water. The panels can be used for walls, around the bath or basin, inside a shower enclosure or to create a  wet room. Because there is no need for trims, Nuance panels present a sleek, seam-free look ideal for commercial and leisure industry specification too. The panelling is easy to clean – no grout lines to attract grime, limescale and mould. All that’s needed is a wipe down with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

The Nuance range is supported by a full-colour brochure, 24-hour sampling service and online design studio.  For contracts that qualify there is also a trial-room service.  The marketing suite shows the range of designs and finishes available and has detailed plans on how to create different looks including hotel style, a family bathroom and a wet room. The panels come with a 15-year guarantee and matching vanity surfaces are available to complete the look.

Caption:  Bushboard Nuance Calacatta Statuario wall panelling in glaze texture.


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