January 2017, Amica S.A. has appointed Izabela Kosicka as the Amica Product Manager responsible for Integration and Strategy.

Izabela Kosicka has joined the CDA Group team, based at the company’s UK head office facility in Langar, Nottinghamshire.
Izabela is already known to many Amica customers in the UK from her former role as Area Sales Manager responsible for the UK, Ireland and Scandinavian countries based at corporate headquarters in Poznan, Poland.

Izabela explains “I am really excited to be based here in the UK. Following Amica’s purchase of CDA, there are clearly many product collaborations to be explored right here. Across the world Amica has many brands and my new role includes selecting the most compelling technologies and design styles to offer concrete opportunities for Amica retailers and consumers.”

Caption: Izabela Kosicka is now Amica Product Manager – Integration and Strategy.
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