Sunday 25th March 2012 – climbing clients and friends of Craggy Island climbed a vertical mile for BBC Sport Relief.  30 people took part at the Guildford branch of Craggy Island in what was a gruelling four hour climb requiring over 200 ascents of the rope wall (the descents didn’t count!).  Rob Mitchell, Joint MD of Craggy Island said “It was exceptionally hard work, when we climb under normal circumstances we just climb for fun, completing around 20 climbs.  With this challenge it involved repeatedly climbing again and again until we’d completed this exceptional number of climbs!  It was great fun for everyone involved; kids, mums, dads and grandparents and professional climbers too.”

Craggy Island, which will be hosting the first ever Surrey Youth Climbing Festival on April 21st,  has yet to complete its tally up but it is hoped everyone’s efforts will have raised in excess of £5k for  Sport Relief.


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