New Manufacturing Process Produces Super-Fine Basins

International bathroom giant VitrA has launched Outline, a new range of ultra-fine wash basins manufactured using Cerafine, a brand-new material in bathroom production that allows for slim, elegant shapes with very defined edges. Shapes and edges like this are not possible using more traditional materials as the shape would not survive the firing process.

Cerafine is a highly durable ceramic material that is achieved because the particle density of the original clay is extremely high. This optimal number of particulates means the sanitaryware finish is very like fine china. Tremendously thin and well-defined edges are achieved without compromising on strength. These slim outlines mean the maximum volume of water is contained within the basins making the range practical and beautiful for all bathroom settings.

The new line-up of Outline counter top basins combines this outstanding production process with VitrA Clean, a final-surface-finish that is also fired onto the basins. VitrA Clean ensures water flows seamlessly over the basin to make Outline basins incredibly easy to clean with just a mild detergent and a damp cloth. Additional superior qualities of the Cerafine material include an ultra-smooth feel – closer in texture to porcelain – which adds heightened hygiene as there are no tiny pores to trap dirt or cosmetic residues.

The pure nature of the ceramic is characterised by the ability to produce striking shapes; TV, Oval, Square, Pebble and Round and rich colours in matt black, matt mink, matt taupe, matt white and white. Captions: Shown here top to bottom is the 5995 Outline oval bowl in matt mink, £509 with the A42394 Brava built-in basin mixer, £314. 5993 TV Outline bowl in matt black £573 with A42394 Brava built-in basin mixer £314 and 5991 pebble bowl in matt white £463 with Brava built-in basin mixer £314.

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