Designjunction (21-24 September) is London’s most prestigious design trade show presenting over 200 brands and attracting over 27,000 visitors over the four days of the London Design Festival.
This year, tiles from VitrA ‘s Pro Arkitekt and Miniworx series will be playing a starring role in an installation from international designer Adam Nathaniel Furman for Turkish Ceramics designed to promote the ceramics industry from Turkey.
Gateways is a ceramic installation consisting of four gates that draw people to wander through and experience the various views at the centre of the enfilade perspective. Set to be the central feature for Granary Square with Central Saint Martins (UAL) as backdrop, the 4m-high and colourfully-tiled gates reference architectural interiors and facades from London’s famous Underground Stations to the beautiful facades of Ottoman architecture, in a bold and contemporary language. Tiles from VitrA are being used for two of the gateways. The Pro Arkitekt tiles are in rich dark green, light green, yellow, dark red and orange to reflect the glory of traditional Ottoman design while the Miniworx tiles are in striking black and white.
“We are excited to be associated with this project,” commented Marketing Manager for VitrA Margaret Talbot “The Turkish ceramic industry is one of the largest in the world. As significant part of that industry, VitrA is a foremost supplier of tiles and ceramic bathroom products to 75 countries across the globe. It’s wonderful to see VitrA represented in such an innovative and influential show here in the UK.”

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